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Automatic emails (plus a few other things) to students, teachers and guardians to help ensure info is given to the right people at the right time based on data that comes out of KAMAR automatically using Directory Services... after the inital setup it just all works.

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Daily Notices delievered to anyone that subscribes (teachers or students):

Daily Summary to tutor teachers of students missing for the last two days and any outstanding ?:

Daily Summary to students of ? they need to follow up with their tutor teachers:

Weekly Student Summaries to students and guardians for attendance and assessments:

Weekly Attendance Summaries to deans and form teachers for their class.
These can be done by tutor class, house, year level and ethnicity.

Other Things:
The system also can do things like: syncing Google Classrooms, working out average class sizes, view attendance statstics, and other custom queries.
AverageClassSize AttendanceStatistics
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